Sunday, July 09, 2006

The end of an 80's Sunday era

So I think that 80's Sunday is going to have to take a summer hiatus. I knew this might be the case last week when I felt a bit of relief that I didn't need to stop our packing to do it, but I figured it was just because we were busy so I didn't feel I had the time. But then yesterday I felt a little pang of stress when I realized I had to get everything together for an 80's Sunday the next day. Part of the problem is that with the new video thing it is much more time consuming and to a certain extent requires Hubby's assistance. But Hubby is studying for the Bar exam and there is no way I am going to bother him when he is studying to come and do some video of Sam staring blankly. And then there's the downloading and uploading and posting and it's all just very computery, which, for me, is sometimes difficult, particularly when doing it while watching Sam. I'll also be out of town with Sam the week before the Bar and then away again with Hubby and Sam the week after. So the next month was going to be scattered at best. Anyway, blah blah blah. I think the kicker was feeling a little stress about it, because we all know that's not why we blog. So I'll see if I feel the impetus to start it up again in the fall. For all I know I'll start it again when we get back from the second trip in August. And I apologize to any of you that are crying, longing to hear that unknown 80's riff playing in the background while Sam eats Cheerios on your screen.

But we cannot forget our second time winner, you guessed it, that Crazy MamaD, who blew everyone away with her Little Red Corvette guess 2 weeks ago. Congrats to Mama D, who I assume will still be doing her "Say What" game on Fridays where you get to guess an 80's movie from a quote. So be sure to go there to get your 80's weekend fix.

And she's got a new profile pic for your viewing pleasure.

I feel bad doing this with no warning. I can't get the whole video thing together right now, but I will at least leave you with some obscure lyrics to ponder. I also remember vowing to stump you guys, so I can't possibly admit defeat so easily. So here are some lyrics for ya. Let's see just how good you guys really are.

I see your face every time I dream
On every page, every magazine
So wild so free so far from me
You're all I want, my fantasy
Look what you've done to this rock 'n' roll clown


Blogger kate said...

Photograph by Def Leppard!
: )

1:28 PM  
Anonymous abc momma said...

I knew this one!!!! Aarrggh!

Enjoy your break and travels, and good luck to your husband on the bar exam!

Thanks for the info about Chicago pizza. Sauce on top? interesting.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous abc momma said...

"rock 'n' roll clown?"

BTW, I always mumbled something completely different while singing along to this part of the song. He doesn't seem so tough and sexy anymore.

3:03 PM  
Blogger Mama D said...

I knew it was a hair band. And that is all I knew. Like I said, I'm better hearing the music. I do miss seeing Sam but I DON'T want you to be stressed. I will keep hosting Say WHAT? I don't get stressed about it because it's actually my easiest post of the week. I just cut and paste my little spiel, pick a quote and a way we go. And the really weird part is that I actually like posting the winner and writing about the film, why I chose it and what (if anything) it means to me. As well as finding weird fan websites to link to... Perhaps I need a life. Blah. So yeah, I'm here.

We love you Beth and we don't want to cause you stress. Just bless us with the occasional beautifully written post like you do and we'll be happy! Keep on enjoying your summer. Good luck with your studying hubby!

3:05 PM  
Blogger Kelli in the Mirror said...

I feel your stress, man! Friday Flicks is becoming a bit of an ordeal as well. I still like it more than I stress though, so I carry on.

And kate is just too fast. I knew it too. Oh well. I'm never online on Sundays until late at night. :)

11:25 PM  

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