Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cherub Do

Everyone in the family, including Hubby, wants me to get Sam’s hair cut. I am having an incredible aversion to this idea. I can’t quite explain it. I know that this is taking on some sort of symbolic significance for me. It’s the first time we will be losing a physical part of him and his beautiful baby-ness. It’s something he grew all by himself, and I just don’t want to get rid of it. Yes, I realize that we throw out his poo every day and technically he grew that too, but his hair has personality (although some of those poops have quite a bit of character as well…). And it’s not like his umbilical nubbin. That thing was gross and only represented his separation from me, of which I was already pretty well aware with my hormone tears every hour or so. He’s been working on this since he was born. That long tail on the back of his head is left over from his birth hair that never fell out, and it has been growing ever since. Yes, I know his hair gets a little ratty and fuzzy after he’s slept on it and rubbed it around on the bed. I know we have to spend a lot of time brushing his bangs off of his perpetually sweaty head. And I know he has fly away curls around his ears that stick out and make him look like he has wings like The Flash. But I love his little cherub curls, his floppy bangs, and that crazy Hare Krishna tail.

I’ve gone so far as to look into one place that does kid haircuts. By look into it I mean I found its location and promptly closed the computer. Do places even cut hair for kids this young? He’s not even one yet…maybe they don’t. Oh well. I know he has to look nice for his birthday party and his one year pictures. I know one day soon I will probably have to agree to let this happen; I don’t want his hair in his eyes bothering him. And I know when that day comes I will cry at the Kid Snippet place as I take pictures and tie the little ribbon around his Krishna tail. I guess it is just one of those things a mom has to do.


Blogger Mama D said...

I think his hair is adorable. And I'm a professional. I can understand your anxiety about this. I have cut the hair of babies under 1. It takes patience, a steady hand and a lot of coaxing. I have never been to one of those kid's cuts type places but if that's all they do, I would think they'd be good at it.

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