Sunday, April 09, 2006

Feats of the Amazingly Mobile Baby

I’ve loved becoming a mom. There have been wonderful moments in each month since Sam was born, fun milestones and happy tears. But I think this past month has been the show stopper. Starting with his newfound mobility, Sam has become almost a different person....he’s become a person! He’s not my little baby any longer but instead he is a small, independent man. His mood is improved since he can finally go where he wants when he wants. And thank god, because at 9 ½ months when the doctor said he probably wouldn’t crawl I envisioned 4 more months of the pick me up whine. He would reach for something, sprawl on his stomach, and start yelling until we bent down and sat him back up. And it seemed like he was so close to crawling, and he was so frustrated that he couldn’t. Sure enough, the day before he turned 10 months he decided he wanted to empty his bookshelf so he just crawled on over and made his mess. That silly doctor, saying my baby couldn’t do it.

This skill seems to have caused an avalanche of new discoveries. He now can chase and terrorize our 2 cats, and with this he has found his main source of pleasure as well as his budding sense of humor. And the boy loves cars. Can we get any more stereotypical? It’s amazing. It’s not like he even knows what his toy car and truck are, but one day he just started going for things with wheels. Now he won’t go anywhere in the apartment without them, them or the rolling office chair, pushing them along wherever he moves. He even makes the “vroom vroom” sounds that daddy and I were making! He has no idea why he is making these sounds with these particular toys but apparently he agrees that it is fun. Just like throwing a ball, which he was recently taught by daddy. He has no idea why, but balls are for throwing at mommy and daddy, and the kid has got skills. Needless to say daddy often gets a dazed and dreamy look in his eye when we all play catch.

So our house is now in a constant state of chaos. Playing cards, CDs, poker chips, toys, and torn books strewn throughout as cats run back and forth desperately searching for a place to hide from the monstrous creature squealing in delight. It’s awesome.


Blogger Mama D said...

Just so you know, I'm not stalking you. Just really enjoying your writing and feeling the need to comment a lot. Audrey is just getting mobile now. I took a great picture of her this evening pulling herself up to a little toy chest that we have in the living room. I will likely post the picture next week. It is an exciting yet busy time!

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